Let the stuff be and discard the habit…

Or a discarded and reprised post about minimalism and personal uniform.   Like the healing process of my scalded hand, I'm almost there, but not there yet. The fasting from clothes shopping I'm forcing on myself is a sharpening tool. Literally, it means that some weeks ago I found myself in a mood prone to... Continue Reading →

Morning thoughts #1: serenity seeker

When I act intentionally, with purpose, confusion drifts away and I feel calm and righteous. Confusion, though, is attractive and sometimes I feel it’s the only emotional state I can have. The seldom moments of serenity I experience from time to time prove me that it’s not true, but I have to find ways to trigger... Continue Reading →

No one likes to die

Last night, my husband and I had to put our cat on a short fasting. This morning, around 04.29, the lovely, tiny, black panther was pocking on my head with his velvety, merciless paw. "Are you planning to make me starve?" My battered temples translated from the Morse code made of iron thuds. I could not... Continue Reading →

Re-set from black

Hi guys, how do you reset yourself for a clean start? To me, is all about drastic, simple decision. But let me start with a detour. Because. Some people - not many to be honest - but some people ask me: "Waking up at 05.00 am. What for?" Well. On a common day, when I... Continue Reading →

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