MORNING THOUGHTS #3: unrecognizable

Yesterday was a day off from work and so, after completing my to-do list for the day - which I finished later than I had planned but better than I expected (because I expected not to complete it) - I enrolled Might Could Studios course on sketch booking. Like if I was one of those drawing... Continue Reading →

Back to basics: underwear

Along my path to be more true to myself and build a personal uniform, I started to tackle the underwear drawer. In the past, to match my metal-lover outfits, I collected a lot of black underwear: thongs and hold-ups, bras and corsets, panties. But something had always been colourful in my drawers: socks. I have... Continue Reading →

Changes: cat person

Picture this: New Year's Eve party in a large basement of a house with no parents in sight. The year that is coming to an end is located somewhere in the 90s. In this enormous basement, that is just as big as the house upstairs and includes a kitchen, there are about ten girls and seven... Continue Reading →

Things that never change

“Esistono alcune cose a questo mondo, capitano Niobe, che non cambieranno mai... Altre, invece, cambiano...” "There are some things in this world, Captain Niobe, that will never change... Some things do ..." (english version at the bottom) Così dice il buon Morpheus in Matrix Reloaded alla sua ex fiamma Niobe, durante uno dei dialoghi più profondo-ridicoli della saga. Non ho... Continue Reading →

So long time away from here

Ho lasciato che passasse molto tempo senza scrivere nulla e anche ora non posso promettere che riprenderò a postare con regolarità. Però del tempo è passato e il tempo non passa mai invano. Tante cose sono cambiate e, nonostante la nostalgia per il mio vecchio caldo nido, sono cambiate in meglio. Vivo una vita che... Continue Reading →

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