Afternoon thoughts: a laundry list

If only WordPress would let me customize for free as it lets you do it for a fee this post would have a much longer title. "Afternoon thoughts: not as brilliant as the morning ones. More like a laundry list." Let's start. #1: Reylo. I do ship it. I do. It will end badly, tragically... Continue Reading →


Italian version below Say something, Anna. Wrote something, girl. What do you want to be? Wasn't you that wanted to be a writer? So, damn, wright something. Please, you have to understand, I have nothing to say. I could start 100 stories but I would not know how to finish them, because the end is the key... Continue Reading →

Bad and back

I used to go to the gym everyday. I used to post a note on my blog almost everyday. I used to be positive. I used to visualize the goals I wanted to achieve like a path in the mountains: hard, beautiful, meaningful. All these things - and some others - have gone away some... Continue Reading →

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