MORNING THOUGHTS #3: unrecognizable

Yesterday was a day off from work and so, after completing my to-do list for the day - which I finished later than I had planned but better than I expected (because I expected not to complete it) - I enrolled Might Could Studios course on sketch booking. Like if I was one of those drawing... Continue Reading →

Re-set from black

Hi guys, how do you reset yourself for a clean start? To me, is all about drastic, simple decision. But let me start with a detour. Because. Some people - not many to be honest - but some people ask me: "Waking up at 05.00 am. What for?" Well. On a common day, when I... Continue Reading →

Self improvement: one year recap

Hello friends, how are you? I am rather fine, thank you. Through this recap post, I'd like to share the progress I've done along the road to becoming a better, more serene and satisfied version of myself, in the hope that my experience could help you in your personal struggle. More than one year ago, I... Continue Reading →

Waves of time: born on Monday

I love owls, in particular, the little owl, which in Italy we call Civetta and is very common in all the peninsula. Instead, the tawny owl you see in the picture that accompanies this post comes from a beautiful shawl my husband donated me earlier this year. If I point out something I like, it... Continue Reading →

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