From my den

I started to read the book and complete its task as well. And the first task I encountered - from Chapter 9 - dictated to read through my old daily pages with two markers: one to highlight insights and the other one to highlight actions needed. After one month of skipping it, this week I... Continue Reading →

Afternoon thoughts: a laundry list

If only WordPress would let me customize for free as it lets you do it for a fee this post would have a much longer title. "Afternoon thoughts: not as brilliant as the morning ones. More like a laundry list." Let's start. #1: Reylo. I do ship it. I do. It will end badly, tragically... Continue Reading →

Morning thoughts #1: serenity seeker

When I act intentionally, with purpose, confusion drifts away and I feel calm and righteous. Confusion, though, is attractive and sometimes I feel it’s the only emotional state I can have. The seldom moments of serenity I experience from time to time prove me that it’s not true, but I have to find ways to trigger... Continue Reading →

What’s your plan?

Good morning old friends, how is going this 2018, so long? Here in England, it's snowing. At this moment, it looks more like someone is fluffing up a huge dawn cushion but it's freezing cold so I think I'll agree with yesterday forecast and say that actually it's snow. I didn't ask you about your... Continue Reading →

“Here comes a thought…”

Hi, guys! If you usually read this blog, you know my love for Steven Universe, and if you didn't, now you do. Sorry, I like to start the week with irrelevant jokes. The title of this post it's from the first verse of a song from an episode of the show, Mindful education. It's a... Continue Reading →

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