Chapter 9: Mr Badguy (2/2)

The English adventures of Delia continue. The subject is adult oriented. Read it forward only if you are 18 years old or more.

Mr Badguy made a wide gesture with his arm and Delia followed, seeing that all the hill was lighted by hundreds and hundreds of small, colourful lights. Down at the hill foot, were several tents, tables and guest, dressed and shaped in the most extravagant ways. The music and chants rose from there to the hill top. Delia was breathless.

«Shall we go? »

Mr Badguy offered his arm and Delia took it with a smile. They started descending the hill walking steadily but the terrain was not well illuminated, irregular, covered in wet grass, rocks and soon Delia’s started to miss a step after the other. Mr Badguy helped Delia every time, but trampled on her gown more than once and, finally, on her last trip, he could not grab her on time, lost his balance and fell over. They started to roll down the hill one over the other when were midway from their destination, the party flowered, and they did not stop until a creature similar to Badguy, but skinnier and shorter, intervened pushing against them with all its weight.

Delia was not bad injured but the falling had completely trashed her beautiful silk gown. Even so, Mr Badguy suddenly rose up, pulled her up in a hurry, and greeted the other guests as nothing had happened. As for the guests, all magical creatures of the most different origins and properties, they were too fascinated by his human escort to care about her dirty outfit. Some Butterfairies, female-like creatures, pale as porcelain, with all black eyes and insect wings, even complimented her for how the leaves and grass strings harmonically married with the silk and the pearls. As for them, their bust was naked, while under the waist, they were barely covered with leaves and ghostly strings of spider silk. Delia was not sure it wasn’t part of their bodies.

After the exchange of pleasantries with the Butterfairies, Mr Badguy introduced Delia to the Mole Savants, to a delegation from the Gnomes territories and to three creatures of his own kind. They had all different pattern colours and thick mans but all of them were shorter than Badguy and had more feline traits, as whiskers, which he didn’t have. A fourth one, the one that helped them avoid to rolling all over the party ground, was keeping himself at a distance. His furry was golden with black spots, his mane was thin and short and Mr Badguy, to Delia’s request, told her that his name was Rowan.

«Why does he stays behind, all shy and sorry? »

Mr Badguy looked at him just a second with a high brow and turned to her.

«He is the youngest of my tribe. »

«Oh, maybe the poor thing is intimidated. You know, by all these people and me being a human girl… »

«And he is a pest! Don’t fall for the act. He craves human girls and he’s capable of doing almost anything to get one. »

«Oh! But you see… »

Mr Badguy, who was leading Delia towards the dancefloor, sighed and gestured the cat boy to reach them.

«Rowan… » Said inquisitively Badguy to the youngster.

«My liege » Replied the other, bowing to his leader.

«To what I owe this unusual deference of yours? »

Still bent forward, Rowan barely moved his eyes towards Delia.

«Oh, yes. Delia, my dear, allow me to introduce to you our dearest Rowan. »

And before Delia could say anything, Rowan had already taken her hand in his paw and fired it with an utterly passionate kiss. Delia could not restrain a short scream of surprise, Mr Badguy could not refrain himself to slap the guy on the face. Rowan took the slap in silence and grace.

«What did I teach you? »

Snarled Badguy to Rowan, his eyes flashing with jealousy and sudden wrath. Delia took his arm, the one that had given the strike and caressed it, then caressed the quivering face of the beast. The skin of his face was like the peel of a ripe peach.

«Please, my dear, let’s go someplace. »

Mr Badguy seemed unmoved. His stare was still on the cat boy, who wasn’t daring to stand up. She pushed herself against him and talked in his ear.

«Please… »

She felt his long tail close to her leg and caressed while kissing him on the cheek. Finally, Mr Badguy turned to her and kissed her on the lips. The kiss gave her a strange sensation. First, the creature’s lips were oily like if there had been spread with a sweet, buttery lipstick. Then, inside her mouth, the sweetness of the lip balm merged with a different, more pungent flavour coming from the beast’ saliva. After that, all that Delia could discern was the imperious urge to mate with the beast. She rubbed against Mr Badguy, who was growing less and less concerned about the young tomcat behaviour and more about where to find an empty tent.

When they reached it, the creature destroyed with his claws what remained of Delia’s gown and, much to her request, he went all the way in both the two ways allowed by her and his nature, simultaneously. It was a rough ride for Delia, but as they say: practice makes you perfect, and Delia was taking a lot of practice around roughness, sex on the spot, and unexpected partners since she had first entered the ear-shaped door.

After their rumbled was finished, Delia was left again with nothing to wear and a careless companion. And even this time she did not have time to protest about it, because Rowan barged into their tent, sending immediately Mr Badguy on the edge. Delia shouted and put herself between the two, naked as she was.

«STOP IT! I’ve had enough of cat fighting. – The two magic cats looked at her shocked. – Plus, my but will take is time to heal from your tail playfulness so, stop it. I am not ready for round two, sorry Badguy. »

Still, the two didn’t dare to move. Delia looked at them satisfied but kept her position.

«Now, I want something to cover myself. I want something to drink, something to eat and some explanations. Until you’ll have all this stuff, you… – She wasn’t used to giving orders and she fell short of commands. – you are dismissed. »

The two suddenly left the tent, moving away in opposite directions. Rather shocked herself, Delia seated on the cushions Mr Badguy and her had used as their improvised bed and covered herself with the first cloth she found at hand.

Chewing on a strand of her hair, she let surface her own surprise with a big: «Wow! »

 As she wasn’t used to commanding, she was even less accustomed being obeyed. Delia never spoke to anyone in a tone of command, not event to the waiter at the restaurant. To her, it was always a matter of praying for someone to pardon her and be so gentle to help her with something, even if for the other was a matter of duty. After all the rudeness in her latest dreams and the roughness of her first encounters, she did not believe something like that could happen in the world of her imagination, or subconscious, or whatever the world over the ear-shaped door was. The strand of hair fell from her mouth when, for a second, she grasped a new concept. Maria Johanna had told more than once, during her stay at her mill, that for her it wasn’t possible to deny her of anything. Mr Badguy had earlier said that to like her was above his, how did he say? It was beyond his control. The little guy Rowan was ready to challenge his master just to stay close to her. What could it mean? That she was this foretold Naughty Girl? That she was even something more?

The two bewitched cats arrived almost simultaneously, demanding her attention. Mr Badguy had brought her some items of conventional clothing, Rowan was balancing on both arms a huge tray full of drinks and foods. They both seemed sorry.

«Please guys, don’t take it so bad. I’m not angry at you! »

Rowan sighed and looked to Mr Badguy.

«There’s something more… »

In that moment, a young woman entered the tent. She was tall, lean, a little muscular, and had short, curly, blond hair. She was dressed as some sort of rough fighter and she smelled of dark leather and musk.

«I see… » Said Delia not trying a bit to hide her disappointment.

«It’s not what you think. » Replied Mr Badguy under his breath, cementing Delia in her belief.

The girl looked around the tent, searching for something and when she found a spot free from cushions she posed her toned bottom there.

«Thank you, Master of the Tigers. – Said the blonde girl in a forced deep voice. – Your collaboration on this dark matter will be strongly appreciated by my liege, the Fantastic Mila. »

«See? » Said Mr Badguy, now seated close to Delia, to her hear. She shrugged. In the meanwhile, Rowan was trying to put down his huge tray among the three without losing a word or a breath from both the women in his presence.

 «My dear sister and her Fantastic Dozen will always have my support. »

At the word “sister” both Delia and the blonde girl dazzled. The first with surprise, the other one with annoyance. After clearing her voice, the rough fighter, who carried a long bow across her body, reprised her talking.

«Ahem, news run slowly through the Forests, I suppose. We call ourselves Attack the Woods. »

«Oh, did the trees offend my dearest sister? Odd. I believe for a period your name had been The Falling Leaves. »

«It was autumn… – the Attack the Woods acolyte was brewing a feeling between anger and shame on her cheeks but she found a way to continue her speech. – But let’s focus on the reason why I am disturbing you on a party night… »

«Yes, let’s do it! Let’s go down to business. So… what was her name? »

«Sorry, I… The name of who? »

«The name of the Amazon who got lost this time. »

«But, but… This time? We… I… »

«The name. I accept to help you find this girl, now tell me the name. »

Delia observed that while Mr Badguy was rudely speaking to the confused girl, Rowan had been pouring wine into three cups but adding a sprinkle of what looked like cinnamon to just one of them. After that, he had focused on Mr Badguy.

«Her name is Karina, but I have to follow precise instructions given me by my liege. »

Mr Badguy nodded and invited – Delia could not understand if the girl or Rowan – to act with a gesture of his hand.

«The Fantastic Mila of the Attack the Woods collective, Lady of the Eastern Forest, through me, formally asks to Mr Badguy, Master of the Tigers, Lord of the Western Forest, to help her in the search for our lost companion Karina, Angel of Music. »

«I, Mr Badguy, King of the Great Felines, Lord of the Western Forest… – In the meanwhile, Rowan had offered to him, Delia and the fighter their cups of wine. – Accept the request the Lady of the Eastern Forest is making to me through you, her messenger. Let’s drink to seal! »

Everyone drank from their cup up to the bottom. The blonde rough was the only one to faint suddenly afterwards. Mr Badguy and Rowan seemed not concerned at all, while Delia was shocked.

«What did you do to the girl? I saw him put something in her cup. What it was? Why? »

«Don’t worry, Delia. It’s the standard procedure. »

«Drugging a girl is a standard procedure for you? »

Mr Badguy looked with sadness and contempt to the girl who was laying at his feet.

«No, Delia. I call it so because I’ve done this so many times, but it isn’t. It shouldn’t be. What you just saw, it’s a shame which I perpetrate to keep safe my sister. She lures girls from all sorts, nobles, aristocrats, commoners, even magical female creatures, into her so-called sisterhood with the promise to be free from… essentially men. And, for sure, they are free from men, but then they are her sycophants, and servants, and lovers, and so on. And when she grows tired of one of them… – He gestured to the fainted girl. – Here! »

«What as this to do with keeping your sister safe? »

«As I told you, the girls who join her collective come from all kinds of people and territories and not all of them bother themselves to have the permission of their parents, relatives, clans before doing it. Some of them cannot have it at all. Some of them flew to her to save their lives. »

«So? »

«So, when she sets one of them free, I try to understand from where she comes from, if I can safely deliver her to her land of origin, If I must dispatch her somewhere else and then, if necessary, I let her folks think it was all my fault. »

«But in this way, you endanger yourself and your own people! »

Rowan, who was searching the girl for clues about her origins, stopped suddenly.

«Hey! – He rose up. – Is this true, Badguy? »

«Oh, please! We are warriors! Also, I kind of promised our mother to keep her safe. »

Delia threw angrily her cup on the cushions. It didn’t make the effect she was looking for, though her wrath did not decrease.

«It’s not right! Not at all! You’ll end this madness tonight. »

Mr Badguy and Rowan looked at each other.

«You told me that you felt the necessity to help me, right? »

Rowan smirked at Mr Badguy since Delia was pointing him with her finger.

«Oh, yes! Sure, my dear, but what does helping you have in common with mixing into my sister’s business and – he quickly examined the fainted girl – the Kingdom of Northernness’ monarchy? »

«Everything! – Delia doubts it but she proceeded with her speech. – You said that I am the Naughty Girl, that I am here to free the Ducklettes and all of you. You said that I was here to disrupt. »

«I am quite sure I didn’t say that last thing. »

«Nonetheless, I’ll do it. »

«How? »

Asked a rather worried Mr Badguy.

«Yes, how? »

Asked as well an excited Rowan.

«Well, I want to teach a lesson to your spoiled sister. I am going to return to her collective her precious Karina who got lost. »

«Karina does not exist. She’s just a nickname we use for the… operation. You see? This is maybe the 50th Amazon she sends to me on the same quest for Karina. »

«So it’s perfect! I can’t imagine how her acolytes would react when this famous Karina shows and, more, I’m dying to see her face. »

«Ok, great! But I can’t send you this poor fool of a Northernness’ princes. I don’t want to know what she might do if she calls out your bluff. »

«You’re right, but can I go on my own? Without an Amazon who says to have finally found me? »

Mr Badguy was pondering with his hand under his chin, while an increasingly excited Rowan was bouncing around him with a hand held high.

«I’ll go! I’ll go to the Amazons! »

«You’ll need someone who is agile like a trained warrior. »

«I’m as agile as a cat, as ferocious as a tiger! I’ll go! »

Mr Badguy turned his back to Rowan, pretending not to hear him screaming.

«You’ll need another blonde girl. »

«I’m blond! I can shave! »

Rowan almost fell over Mr Badguy, trying to gain his attention.

«You’ll need someone ready to risk his life for you. »

«I love her! I’ll do it! »

Mr Badguy turned to him.

«You love her. »

«I love her. »

«But do you love her more than your clan? »

He stopped bouncing around and lowered his hand.

«More than… Why you say so? »

«Because this journey is not easy-peasy, brother in claws. To complete this journey, you should be able to pass as a girl. You should be able to walk by day, in the sun. To complete this journey, you need to stop being what you are. »

Rowan stayed silent for a moment. Then spoke with a straightforward voice which surprised even himself.

«I’ll do it, brother in claws. Let’s clean this stain of shame from the clan. »

And the two magical cats embraced one another and intertwined their tails.


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